Divertie, Matthew B.


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 SRC:Respiratory system : a compilation of paintings depicting anatomy and embryology, physiology, pathology, pathophysiology, and clinical features and treatment of diseases / prepared by Frank H. Netter ; edited by Matthew B. Divertie, Alister Brass (Ciba Pharmaceutical Company, 1979)
コード類 典拠ID=A000078468  NCID=DA02224880
1 呼吸器 / Frank H. Netter[著] ; Matthew B. Divertie, Alister Brass[編] ; 中西通泰[ほか]訳 宝塚 : 日本チバガイギー. - 東京 : 丸善 (発売) , 1981.12